• Mother's Day Photo Frame Craft Activity

    A beautiful complete photo frame!
    You can create a personalised photo frame like the above as the perfect Mother's Day gift! Begin by placing your foam photo frame down in a clear space. Then, choose which foam shapes you would like to use. Arrange your foam shapes on the heart until you find your desired pattern. Apply PVA Glue to the foam shapes and stick them onto the heart frame. Place your photo on the smaller pink heart within the fame...
  • Mothers Day - Key Craft Kit

    Mothers Day - Key Craft Kit
    Create a cute door hanger for mum. Outline your key with PVA glue. Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue as best you can. Pick the key up and tilt it so all of the glitter falls onto the glue. Glue on the love hearts. Colour in the letters, I would recommend doing this before the glitter. I Obviously wasn't thinking too clearly ha ha! Tie on some ribbon so it can hang on the fridge or on a door handle.
  • Easter Chick Basket Craft Activity

    A completed Easter Chick Basket.
    Our craft packs have all you need and you can add any embellishments of your choice. Begin with one basket and set of chick embellishments. Separate out your embellishments ready to assemble your basket. Apply PVA glue to attach the feet. Turn the basket upside down to attach the feet to ensure that the glue will hold. Glue on the joggle eyes, wings and beak. Feel free to glue on any other craft embellishments...
  • Easter Bunny Craft Activity

    Easter Bunny Craft Activity
    Our Easter Bunny Packs can be used alongside any other craft items of your choice. Starting with your blank Bunny. Glue joggle eyes on using your PVA glue. Draw ears and a face. Apply PVA glue to the nose, belly, ears and anywhere else you would like to add glitter. Shake glitter onto the PVA-coated areas. Paint or colour in the rest of the bunny using crayons, pencils or texta.