Teknikio - Activating Origami Set

Teknikio - Activating Origami Set


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Take Paper Craft to a New Level! Teknikio Activating Origami set, takes the traditional art of paper folding to a new level. By adding simple circuits to paper sculptures you can instantly animate them and create unique sculptures. You can start simple and add a light or two and then make more complex modular systems with your origami robot sculpture. You can also add a small motor and see how it effects the movement of the sculpture based on where you attach it.

Learn about circuits, motion, geometry and other core concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) while folding paper! Engineer origami of the future!

Product Details:

  • 1 x Teknikio motionboard
  • 1 x Teknikio batteryboard
  • 2 x batteries
  • 4 x LED lights
  • 10 x fasteners
  • 1 x piece of conductive tape
  • 1 x origami paper pack
  • Recommended Age 8+
  • Skills: paper folding, mechanics, circuits.