The Survival Kit - Ages 9 - 12

The Survival Kit - Ages 9 - 12


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Using this blackline master, The Survival Kit, will help to make the best use of your valuable organisational and planning time. It provides a comprehensive collection of planning sheets for the beginning of the school year and educational resources to help you plan and implement your daily programs.

These photocopiable resources are for both teacher and student use and cater for major areas of classroom organisation and the curriculum.


  • Designed to take the worry out of approaching a new class
  • Includes items for: - classroom decoration (signs, charts, friezes and posters); - blackline master worksheet preparation (emblems, coins and maps, clip art, page borders, theme pages, and mathematical grids and tables); and - classroom organisation (newsletters, teacher and parent notes, merit certificates and planners).