Successful Australians Ages 11+

Successful Australians Ages 11+


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

The people studied in this set of blackline master activities were chosen because they have contributed in a positive manner to one aspect of Australia, or to Australians’ lives.

After completing these activities, the students will appreciate the people who have made a significant impact on Australia through their determination, courage and perseverance. Answers have been provided to ensure marking is easy for the teacher.


  • a language-based blackline master resource to investigate successful Australians
  • includes biographies of 22 famous Australians who have contributed significantly to Australia’s rich history
  • a personal profile sheet on which students can complete a report on other successful Australians
  • a test/quiz sheet which can be used as a pretest and/or a post-test
  • outcome links and answers