Story Box Pack of 5

Story Box Pack of 5 (Red)


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Elizabeth Richards

There's a whole rainbow of reasons to love the Elizabeth Richards Story Box!

Available in 24 vibrant colours! 18 colours to match PM Reading Programs and 6 fun fluoro colours.

Designed to display books with the spine facing forward. Perfect for more advanced readers to help them quickly find the next book in the series.

Laminated boxes are superior in strength, durability and brighter in colour!

Sold in packs of 5 in single colours or in mix colour packs.

  • Mix Pack 1 (set of 5) - 1 each Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Purple
  • Mix Pack 2 (set of 5) - 1 each Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Orange
  • Mix Pack 3 (set of 5) - 1 each Purple, Magenta, Orange, Dark Blue & Yellow
  • Mix Pack 4 (set of 5) - 1 each Blue, Yellow, Green, Magenta & Orange
  • Mix Pack of Fluoro Boxes (set of 5) - 1 each Fluoro Magenta, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Green, Fluoro Pink & Fluoro Orange

16.5cm wide x 22cm deep x 15.5cm high (back) x 10cm high (front).