STEM Hydraulics Maker Pack

STEM Hydraulics Maker Pack


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This STEM Hydraulics Maker Set is a great resource for Science Centers, Museum programs, Maker Spaces and Tinkerer Labs. The Maker Set has 35 bases and enough material for 30 to 50 students to make a huge variety of machines from simple lifting machines to very complex robotic arms, allowing you to use the Set over a wide range of ages, from 6 to 60.

Great for family drop-in maker spaces, or for school and engineering outreach programs, this intuitive set is an easy way to deliver engineering, simple machines, bridges and many other curriculum outcomes to the science center and engineering outreach programs. It can be used with classes that last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, for groups that may include library spaces, Girl Guides or Scouts group programs.

Designed in collaboration with a cool Science Museum in California, this has been field tested and is now being used in Maker spaces. A great low-tech but open-ended program that will provide a deliverable program for many years!