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Sounds Alike


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Large, bright and appealing to children...These delightful cards will help young readers to identify and learn which common letter groups make the same sound! Sounds AlikeĀ is presented in a clear simple format to facilitate learning, providing a valuable reading resource for your classroom. A total of 32 sounds is shown on the 11 sturdy laminated boards each measuring 23cm x 50cm. f (fi sh) / ph (elephant) ou (house) / ow (cow) l (leopard) / ll (doll) / -le (candle) oy (boy) / oi (poison) er (tiger) / ir (girl) / ur (turtle) or (horse) / ua (dinosaur) / aw (saw) ai (snail) / a-e (plane) / ay (crayons) oa (boat) / o-e (hose) / ow (snowman) oo (zoo) / ue (blue) / ew (screw) ie (ties)/ i-e (bike) / igh (light) / -y (cry) ee (bee) / ea (seal) / ey (monkey) / -y (sunny)