Smart Phonics Teacher Manual 3

Smart Phonics Teacher Manual 3


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The Smart Phonics manuals provide explicit and cumulative instruction so that your students' build skills systematically. The clear directions and comprehensive guidelines provide you with an easy to follow format. You will quickly become confident and familiar with the Smart Phonics system and your students will love it! Pages from the manual are provided below for the split digraphs 'o_e' Other phonemes covered in this manual are: Blend beginnings - scr,shr,spl,squ,str,thr  Magic 'e' - a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e Vowel digraphs - ai,au,aw,ay,ee,ew,ie, igh,oa,oi,oy,ue Changeable vowels - ea,ow,ou,oo,y Controlled vowels - ar,are,air,er,ir,or, oor,ur