Screen Printing Ink 1L Rose Pink Tintex

Screen Printing Ink 1L Rose Pink Tintex (Rose Pink, 1 Litre)


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Fabric Paint
Screen Printing Ink



High colour yield pigment in a fully water based emulsion. Safe for use in domestic or classroom situations. Suitable for printing, screen printing and hand painting of cotton fabrics. Product requires heat curing for approximately 5 minutes after air drying. Brushes and screens wash out in water. 

  • These inks contain no white spirits & are ideal for use in the classroom, particularly for screen printing & fabric painting. 
  • Heat cure with a hot iron. 
  • The fully blendable inks produce vibrant effects when applied to fabric. 
  • Brushes & screens wash out in water. 
  • Safe for use in enclosed areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of colours differing between the application and computer monitors and or home printers these colour swatches should be as a guide only.