Queensland Targeting Handwriting P

Queensland Targeting Handwriting P


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The New Curriculum Edition of the Targeting Handwriting QLD Prep Student Book introduces Prep students to the Queensland Beginner’s Alphabet using simple, flowing, natural hand movements, including gently sloped straight lines, anti-clockwise and clockwise rotations.

The letters are grouped according to these movement patterns, with more complex movements introduced later in the book, allowing students to build on their knowledge.


  • Instruction and activities that are simple and repetitive, allowing concentrations on the writing task.
  • Each letter is clearly represented on the top left-hand side of the double page.
  • Capital and lower-case letters are paired together on the top right-hand side as a tracking activity.
  • Starting points all clearly marked.
  • Track and trace activities explore the shape and formation of each letter, encouraging fluency of movement.
  • Practice lines for each letter.
  • Writing of numerals 1 – 10 is included at the back of the book.