Queensland Targeting Handwriting 4

Queensland Targeting Handwriting 4


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The Targeting Handwriting QLD Year 4 Student Book focuses on consolidation of joining skills.

Features include:

  • extra attention paid to tricky joins like joining s and f, double letter combinations
  • students begin to assess their own letter size and spacing, spacing between words, and slope
  • features progressive improvement check

The Years 4–7 Targeting Handwriting Student Books have been designed to make learning cursive handwriting as easy as possible for students. New skills and techniques are introduced sequentially, so that students build on skills one by one and aren't called on to use skills that haven't been introduced yet.

Wherever possible, students copy words underneath models, so that left-handers aren't disadvantaged, and practice of numerals and punctuation is integrated into the writing activities. Assessment pages make assessment of specific handwriting skills easy, and the books also encourage and support student self-awareness. As students get older, they will encounter situations in which it is important to be able to write quickly and legibly.