Problem Solved 1

Problem Solved 1


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Primary Maths

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Problem Solved is an innovative mathematical problem solving series that provides students with opportunities to apply their numeracy skills in order to solve problems. The problem solving process will vary from student to student and from problem to problem. As students analyse the problems the process will require students to determine:

  • what the problem is asking
  • what strategy best suits the problem
  • what mathematical knowledge needs to be employed
  • whether the solution makes sense

The problems presented on each page are arranged in three levels.

Level 1 problems use simple language and require simple mathematics.

Level 2 problems use more difficult language and require slightly more complex mathematics.

Level 3 problems use more complex language and more complex mathematics.

The Investigation at the bottom of the page provides children with an opportunity to apply all their numeracy skills to achieve a solution. Students are encouraged to use a variety of different problem solving strategies, such as:

  • using calculators
  • using materials
  • creating algorithms
  • discussions
  • working backwards
  • creating tables and lists
  • estimating