Nelson QScience Physics Units 1 & 2 Student Book with 4 Access Codes

Nelson QScience Physics Units 1 & 2 Student Book with 4 Access Codes


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Nelson QScience Physics 1 &2 is written to support the development and application of key knowledge and skills for students studying senior science. The student book comprehensively covers the new senior science syllabi and provides the framework for students to achieve success in one or more of the general science courses: biology, chemistry and physics. The consistent approach used in the text promotes familiarity for students, supporting practice and revision of the content learnt in class and in preparation for assessment and exams.


Unit 1: Thermal, nuclear and electrical physics 

Topic 1: Heating processes 

1 Kinetic particle model and heat flow 

2 Temperature and specific heat capacity 

3 Phase changes and specific latent heat 

4 Energy conservation in calorimetry 

5 Energy in systems—mechanical work and efficiency 

Topic 2: Ionising radiation and nuclear reactions 

6 Nuclear model and stability 

7 Spontaneous decay and half-life 

8 Energy and mass defect 

Topic 3: Electrical circuits 

9 Current, potential difference and energy flow 

10 Resistance 

11 Circuit analysis and design 

Unit 2: Linear motion and waves 

Topic 1: Linear motion and force 

12 Vectors 

13 Linear motion 

14 Newton’s laws of motion 

15 Energy 

Topic 2: Waves 

16 Wave properties 

17 Sound 

18 Light