Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Specialist Student Book with 4 Access Codes

Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Specialist Student Book with 4 Access Codes


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Written by a successful Queensland author team of experienced teachers, including the leading authors of Nelson Senior Maths for the Australian Curriculum, Nelson QMaths 11 & 12 has been rewritten and updated to cover the new Queensland senior mathematics courses: Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Mathematics Specialist replaces the Mathematics C course.


  • Graded exercises feature Problem Solving sections, including multiple-choice questions
  • Includes Investigations and Technology sections, featuring Casio and Texas Instruments graphics calculator activities
  • Chapter summaries and chapter review exercises
  • Examination practice exercise after every four chapters.


  1. Vectors in the plane
  2. Methods of proof and real numbers
  3. Combinatorics and permutations
  4. Vector algebra and applications
  5. Combinatorics and combinations
  6. Circle properties and proofs using vectors
  7. Matrix arithmetic
  8. Complex numbers and arithmetic
  9. Trigonometric functions and graphs
  10. Transformations in the plane
  11. Complex arithmetic and equations
  12. Trigonometric identities and applications

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