Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Methods Student Book with 4 Access Codes

Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Methods Student Book with 4 Access Codes


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Methods covers the new Queensland senior mathematics course, where Mathematics Methods is replacing Mathematics B course. The student book is written by a successful Queensland author team of experienced teachers, including the leading authors of Nelson Senior Maths for the Australian Curriculum. The text features problem-solving sections, including multiple-choice questions, and Investigations and Technology sections allow students to explore the syllabus in more depth and promotes ICT in the classroom.


  • Graded exercises feature Problem Solving sections, including multiple-choice questions
  • Includes Investigations and Technology sections, featuring Casio and Texas Instruments graphics calculator activities
  • Chapter summaries and chapter review exercises
  • Examination practice exercise after every four chapters.


1 Arithmetic sequences and series

2 Algebra and functions

3 Counting and probability

4 Functions and graphs

5 Trigonometric functions

6 Geometric sequences and series

7 Rates of change and the derivative

8 Exponential functions

9 Logarithms

10 Properties of derivatives

11 Discrete random variables

12 Differentiation rules and application

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