My Special Word Collection

My Special Word Collection


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The all new My Special Word Collection NOW IN FULL COLOUR includes: 

  • ALPHABET GUIDE on each page makes it easier for students to navigate to the required page.
  • ALPHABET LIST of words for easy reference.
  • Plenty of space to ADD NEW WORDS when they are discovered.
  • EXPLANATIONS AND EXAMPLES of alternative words, feelings, homophones, contractions, plurals, alternative words, abbreviations, parts of speech, notes pages and more.
  • Contains 200 MOST USED WORDS. Know these and students will know 90% of what they are reading and writing.
  • Helps develop early DICTIONARY SKILLS.

The purpose of this book is to encourage the student to use it as a reference for the correct spelling of words and become a confident writer.

Parents: Encourage your children to use new words. Motivate them to read, write and collect new words.

Teachers: My Special Word Collection has been written to help focus students’ attention on words. It will supplement the strategies you use already.