Kluwell My Home Reading Orange Level

Kluwell My Home Reading Orange Level


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Enhancements for the NEW 8th Edition 2016+ include: 72 A5 page, new title Kluwell My Home Reading™, full page per week for recording students' progress, unique stickers & award certificates for each level, all new graphics.

No child is ever too old to be read to! Reading is more fun than ever with this Kluwell Home Reading Journal. At this level the journals are designed for the student to fill out the books themselves. The journals are well set out to track progress and the comment sections at the bottom of each page give opportunities for parents/caregivers to provide feedback. With parent’s supervision and encouragement, your child’s reading will continue to thrive. These journals are a great resource for teachers to monitor reading participation at home and a positive way for you to communicate with teacher and school.

Benefits of using the Kluwell My Home Reading include:

  • Fantastic value that lasts the whole year
  • Excellent reward system that encourages children to read.
  • Develops positive reading attitudes with students and parents/caregivers.
  • A great way for parents/caregivers to be involved in their child’s learning.
  • Gives parents/caregivers reading strategies to support their child.
  • Encourages positive communication between parent, child and teacher.
  • Attractively presented – children take pride in using this book.