ICE-EM Mathematics Year 9 3rd Edition

ICE-EM Mathematics Year 9 3rd Edition


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ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition is designed to develop a strong foundation in mathematics for every student in Years 5 to 10/10A, and now offers a new level of digital support for teaching, learning, assessment and reporting.

Developed by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), ICE-EM Mathematicshelps students of all abilities to understand and master mathematics beyond the curriculum while building strong foundation skills.

  • Updated, revised and consolidated to provide comprehensive coverage of the Australian Curriculum and its state variants in a single streamlined textbook for each year level.
  • Designed to provide students with the best preparation for success in senior courses and beyond.
  • The cutting-edge Interactive Textbook allows students to show their working and submit it for the teacher, and delivers a range of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience provided by the student text, allowing for effortless and immediate navigation from the textbook content to interactive content.
  • The tried and tested Learning Management System (LMS), available to teachers as part of the Online Teaching Suite, combines task management tools, a powerful test generator, ready-made tests, and comprehensive student and whole-class reporting tools.


1 Algebra

2 Pythagoras’ theorem and surds

3 Consumer arithmetic

4 Factorisation

5 Linear equations and inequalities

6 Formulas

7 Congruence and special quadrilaterals

8 Index laws

9 Enlargements and similarity

10 Review and problem-solving

11 Coordinate geometry

12 Probability

13 Trigonometry

14 Simultaneous linear equations

15 Further factorisation

16 Measurement - areas, volumes and time

17 Quadratic equations

18 Rates and direct proportion

19 Statistics

20 Review and problem-solving