ICE-EM Mathematics Year 8 3rd Edition

ICE-EM Mathematics Year 8 3rd Edition


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ICE-EM Mathematics Third Edition is designed to develop a strong foundation in mathematics for every student in Years 5 to 10/10A, and now offers a new level of digital support for teaching, learning, assessment and reporting.

Developed by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), ICE-EM Mathematicshelps students of all abilities to understand and master mathematics beyond the curriculum while building strong foundation skills.

  • Updated, revised and consolidated to provide comprehensive coverage of the Australian Curriculum and its state variants in a single streamlined textbook for each year level.
  • Designed to provide students with the best preparation for success in senior courses and beyond.
  • The cutting-edge Interactive Textbook allows students to show their working and submit it for the teacher, and delivers a range of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience provided by the student text, allowing for effortless and immediate navigation from the textbook content to interactive content.
  • The tried and tested Learning Management System (LMS), available to teachers as part of the Online Teaching Suite, combines task management tools, a powerful test generator, ready-made tests, and comprehensive student and whole-class reporting tools.


1 Whole numbers

2 Fractions and decimals

3 Review of factors and indices

4 Negative numbers

5 Review of geometry

6 Algebra - part 1

7 Percentages

8 Pythagoras’ theorem

9 Review and problem-solving

10 Rates and ratios

11 Algebra - part 2

12 Congruent triangles

13 Congruence and special quadrilaterals

14 Circles

15 Areas, volumes and time

16 Probability

17 Formulas and factorisation

18 Graphing and straight lines

19 Statistics

20 Review and problem-solving