Go Grammar 2 Workbook

Go Grammar 2 Workbook


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Go Grammar! 2 focuses on the Language and Literary strands of the curriculum to introduce key language conventions and skills. It develops students’ skills in writing, reading and viewing, as well as speaking and listening. It also supports student preparation for NAPLAN Language Convention testing.

  • Includes a variety of text types, including imaginative, visual, persuasive and informative texts.
  • Pedagogical structure introduces key concepts, encourages application of basic principles and extends learning by consolidating understanding.
  • Builds understandings of parts of speech, clauses, sentences, vocabulary and punctuation.
  • Each self-contained unit includes a variety of worksheets ideal for in class activities or homework.
  • Spelling activities integrated throughout all units.
  • Revised tests, activities and text samples in each unit.
  • Hole-punched and perforated pages for easy use.
  • Teacher support resources and suggested responses through NelsonNet.