Decodable Readers - Early Readers Level 8 - Individual Set Of 10 Titles

Decodable Readers - Early Readers Level 8 - Individual Set Of 10 Titles


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Decodable Readers Australia

INDIVIDUAL SET - Early Readers Fiction (Level 8)– Books 1 – 10

10 Books – 1 copy of each title

Introduces aw (draw), ew (drew), oi (touch), air (chair), are (dare), ear (pear), eer (cheer), ore (more), dge (edge) 

This set of Early Readers (Level 8) have been created to give children the opportunity to master the identification of Level 8 sound set, (as well as the level 1-7 sounds) and how to blend and read CVC and CCVC/CVCC words.

These books contain a low word count, predominantly single syllable words, and have larger font than our Main Fiction Series Level 8 readers.

Our Level 8 books also have a phonics focus for book 1-7.  

Early Readers Fiction Level 8

Early Readers Fiction Level 8

  • Lower word count (for vulnerable learners or students in foundation)
  • Words with just 3-4 sounds (most words are single syllable words)
  • Larger font (1-2 sentences per page)
  • 10 books per level
  • Level 4-8 have phonics focus readers (digraphs and vowel sound/spelling focus. The text contains multiple words with the letter/sound correspondence focus)
  • More fun Australian adventures with our much loved Aussie characters.

All Early Readers books contain pre reading word warm ups and post-reading comprehension questions to check for understanding.