Decodable Readers - Early Readers Level 4 - Guided Reading Set - 6 X 10 Titles

Decodable Readers - Early Readers Level 4 - Guided Reading Set - 6 X 10 Titles


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Early Readers
Early Readers


Decodable Readers Australia


6x EARLY READER FICTION (Level 4) – Books 1 – 10

60 books – 6 copies of each ER4 title

This set of Early Readers (Level 4) have been created to give children the opportunity to master the identification of Level 4 sound set, sh, ch, th (them), th (thin), qu, ng, wh, ph, g (gem), c (cent) (as well as the level 1, 2 and 3 sounds) and how to blend and read VC, CVC  and some CCVC/CVCC words.

These books contain a low word count, single syllable words, and have larger font than our Series 1 Level 4 readers and are great for use in foundation (Kindergarten/Prep/Reception) and as intervention readers for Years 1 and 2.

Our Level 4 books also have a individual readers that focus on one letter/sound correspondence.  Book 1 focusses on 'sh', Book 2 focuses on 'ch', Book 3 focuses on 'ng', Book 4 focusses on 'qu' and Book 5-10 has a mix of all these letter/sounds for cumulative practice purposes.

All Early Readers books contain pre reading word warm ups and post-reading comprehension questions to also check for understanding.

Early Readers Fiction Level 4

Early Readers Fiction Level 4

  • Lower word count (for vulnerable learners or students in foundation)
  • Words with just 3-4 sounds (most words are single syllable words)
  • Larger font (1-2 sentences per page)
  • 10 books per level
  • Level 4-8 have phonics focus readers (digraphs and vowel sound/spelling focus. The text contains multiple words with the letter/sound correspondence focus)
  • More fun Australian adventures with our much loved Aussie characters.