Business for QCE: Units 3 & 4: Diversification and Evolution Student Book with 4 Access Codes

Business for QCE: Units 3 & 4: Diversification and Evolution Student Book with 4 Access Codes


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020

Approximate publication date:  22nd August 2019


Business for QCE: Units 3 & 4: Diversification and Growth covers the new senior QCAA Business Senior Syllabus being implemented at Units 3 & 4 in 2020. Business for QCE explicitly addresses the syllabus and unit objectives using the inquiry approach valued in the syllabus, with integration of the underpinning factors throughout. The series provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business and follows the progression of the business life cycle from seed to post-maturity stage. Students will develop skills in examining business data and information through a range of analytical tools, with a wealth of visual representations to aid understanding. Learning in Business integrates an inquiry approach with authentic case studies, and the series includes a range of contemporary case studies that increase in depth and scope. Written by a highly experienced and respected author team, this series offers an engaging and visual approach to 21st century teaching and learning. It will be your invaluable companion in teaching this dynamic Business discipline.

FEATURES Infographic overviews and concept maps introduce topics. 'Gaining Insight' sections provide a range of contemporary and authentic case studies and industry insights. Clear definitions of key concepts throughout and numerous illustrative examples and diagrams. Analytical tools explained and applied in practical tasks, with links to templates. Complete case studies at the end of each topic and questions, activities and chapter reviews to support the new assessment model.