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Blakes Spelling Guide


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Blake's Spelling Guide is a vital tool for anyone wanting to be a great speller. It contains information about how to: 

  • represent spoken words in written form
  • apply the rules and conventions of English spelling
  • change words to fit the grammar of written text

Practice exercises (with answers) and a comprehensive glossary are included to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of spelling.

There are also 12 Word Lists for quick reference covering:

  • homonyms
  • homophones
  • antonyms
  • frequently misspelt words
  • Latin and Greek roots
  • homographs
  • prefixes
  • suffixes
  • compound words
  • high-frequency words

The guide also includes Curriculum Correlation tables that link the content to the new Australian Curriculum and is an ideal resource for all primary students. Answers for the TRY THIS activities are also provided.