Australian Politics Ages 11+

Australian Politics Ages 11+


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Australian Politics blackline masters have been written to promote an understanding of the way the Australian political system operates. It is a comprehensive introduction to Local, State and Federal governments.

The activities are designed to encourage an interest in all areas of Australian politics and assist students to develop a broader awareness of important concepts. There are a wide variety of activities and all the information necessary to ensure a complete coverage is included.

Each activity page gives the teacher a comprehensive and informative resource designed to stimulate interest in a subject that can be quite complex to introduce. This book also includes a complete glossary of terms, a useful vocabulary list, a review quiz, key words, definitions and a guide to conducting class and school elections.


  • these blackline masters focus on the structure and function of Australian and State parliaments and how the parliamentary system works
  • describes features of the political structures at local, State and national levels
  • review quiz, glossary of terms, answers