ATAR Notes QCE Maths Methods 1 & 2 Complete Course Notes

ATAR Notes QCE Maths Methods 1 & 2 Complete Course Notes


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These Notes give you a complete breakdown of everything you need to know for the Units 1&2 course, with easy to understand explanations and detailed examples and diagrams to help you excel in your assessments and exams.

Written by a past student, this book provides tips and tricks for memorising complicated syllabus content, in-depth analyses of concepts, and copious worked examples so you can feel confident in your practical maths skills.

This book will also set you up for success in the Year 12 course. Many topics in Methods have important foundations in Units 1&2. As such, this is the perfect resource to help you understand the basics and head into next year with confidence!

The author, Vinh Nguyen, earned top marks in multiple Year 12 QCE subjects including Maths Methods and Specialist Maths to achieve an ATAR of 99.75. He also received the Col Davidson Award for Excellence in Mathematics for his consistent achievement from Years 8–12.

Note: these QCE Maths Methods Units 1&2 Notes are for Year 11 students.