Workbook Stage 3 Modern Cursive Blackline Masters

Workbook Stage 3 Modern Cursive Blackline Masters


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Workbook Stage 3 will help children become competent and fluent readers with the ability to automatically recognise and write the following 31 sounds: ch, sh, th, wh, ee, ea, ey, ar, er, ir, ur, oo (zoo), oo (cook), oa, ow (bow), ow (cow), ou, ay, ai, or, aw, au, a-e, o-e, i-e, igh, air, oy, oi, ie, y (cry). The 48 pages of this workbook are based on a wide range of interesting activities which children will enjoy completing. The sounds have been placed in groups, which are introduced in a systematic order. This will allow the children to practise and revise each group of sounds before progressing to the next selection. Workbook Stage 3 is an economical resource that will provide an excellent means for the extension of the students vocabulary, word-attack skills and comprehension. This book is written in Foundation Script, also available in Victorian Modern Cursive. This book is written in Modern Cursive font, and is also available in Foundation Script. Blackline Masters are ideal for teachers who need to photocopy for noncommercial educational purpose