The Water Kit Ages 6 - 8

The Water Kit Ages 6 - 8


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Emphasis on Fresh Water

A variety of learning areas are covered including, science, society and environment, language, health, art and craft, and drama. Detailed teachers notes accompany each activity.


  • emphasis on the study of fresh water
  • cross-curricular blackline master activities investigating topics such as water conservation and pollution, the water cycle, water and health and freshwater ecosystems
  • 15 innovative units in middle and upper comprising informational text, comprehension and investigative activities
  • younger topic activities are presented using a ‘hands-on’ approach particularly suited to that age group
  • all levels cover a variety of learning areas, including society and environment, science, health, art and craft, drama
  • students will become aware of environmental issues such as conservation, pollution and salinity
  • accompanying teachers notes include background information, additional activities, outcome links, proforma and answers