Understanding Year 1 Maths - Australian Curriculum Edition

Understanding Year 1 Maths: Australian Curriculum Edition


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Primary Maths

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This book generally follows the basic format of the Australian Curriculum Mathematics, which provides that by the end of Year 1, students should be able to do the following:

- Describe number sequences resulting from skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

- Identify representations of one half

Recognize Australian coins according to their value.

- Explain time durations.

‰‰Describe two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects.

‰‰Describe data displays.

‰‰Count to and from 100, and locate numbers on a number line.

‰‰Carry out simple additions and subtractions.

‰‰Partition numbers using place value.

‰‰Continue simple patterns involving numbers or objects.

‰‰Order objects based on lengths and capacities using informal units.

‰‰Tell the time to half an hour.

‰‰Use the language of direction to move from place to place.

‰‰Classify outcomes of simple familiar events.

‰‰Collect data by asking questions, and draw simple data displays.