STAMS PLUS Series A Student Book Set of 5

STAMS PLUS Series A Student Book Set of 5


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Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success provides students with explicit instruction of 16 maths topics, which cover both concepts and skills, that have been identified as the most important instructional goals for each year level.

Each STAMS® Plus student book contains 16 highly scaffolded, five-part lessons. Each of these lessons helps students to become independent learners as they are moved through each of the five parts: modelled instruction, guided instruction, modelled practice, guided practice and independent practice. In this way, students are required to use increasing degrees of higher-level thinking to analyse and explain their answers as they move through practice problems that increase in difficulty, ultimately building student proficiency and confidence.

STAMS® Plus level A is targeted at students in years 1 and 2, and assesses the following strategies: 

Understand addition and subtraction

Add three numbers

Add and subtract ten

Equal parts

Fact families

Count to 100

Add 2-digit numbers


Make tens to add and subtract

Place value

Subtract tens


Solve word problems

Compare numbers



Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS® Plus and STAMS® Plus has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions.