Sounds to Learn Book 1 Ages 5 - 7

Sounds to Learn Book 1 Ages 5 - 7


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Family Groups of Phonic Sounds

Sounds to Learn blackline masters address the most common ways to form sounds in the English language, enabling even the weakest readers to have a basic framework with which to attack the English language.

The activities are suitable for 5 to 7 year old students who are familiar with phonic sounds and are ready to further investigate by using a ‘family group’ approach.


  • each book contains the same family groups of phonic sounds
  • Book 1 focuses on recognising the sounds
  • Book 2 focuses on learning to spell lists of words containing each sound
  • each blackline master uses a consistent layout for students to follow
  • dotted third lines ensure proper formation of letters
  • also included are sounds and word charts, flashcard blacklines, sound test sheets and a consolidation worksheet for each group of sounds