Senior Modern History for Queensland print and digital

Senior Modern History for Queensland print and digital


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Written by a highly experienced team of educators who understand the resources teachers require to comprehensively cover the new syllabus, Senior Modern History for Queensland equips students with powerful tools and skills to make the connection between history and its relevance to their lives, and to make wise decisions about their roles as global citizens. Takes an inquiry-based learning approach supported by a diverse range of sources, and combines it with selected narrative content to provide meaningful context for inquiry. A digital chapter dedicated to assessment preparation and additional assessment-style short and extended response questions provide support for internal and external assessment. Provides comprehensive topic coverage with a wide range of popular topics covered in great depth, including the topic and focus area selected for external assessment in 2020–21. Future examinable topics and focus areas will be provided/updated in digital format as required. The included Interactive Textbook brings the study of modern history to life with the incorporation of rich digital media as sources, extra activities and a dedicated chapter for assessment preparation and additional topics.

1 Overview (digital chapter)

Unit 1 - Ideas in the Modern World

2 Australian Frontier Wars

3 French Revolution

4 Meiji Restoration (digital chapter)

5 Russian Revolution


Unit 2 - Movements in the Modern World

6 Australian Indigenous rights movement

7 Independence movement in India (digital chapter)

8 Women’s movement

9 Environmental movement


Unit 3 - National experiences in the Modern World

10 Germany

11 United States of America (digital chapter)

12 China (digital chapter)

13 Israel


Unit 4 - International experiences in the Modern World

14 Australian engagement with Asia

15 Cold War

16 Terrorism

17 Exam preparation (digital chapter)