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School Spelling Dictionary


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Barrington Stokes

New edition of this acclaimed schools version of the international best-selling Dictionary of Perfect Spelling.

A fresh new edition of this highly acclaimed and strong selling dictionary. This book allows students to use phonic attack to find both regular and irregular spellings. Students can look up a word as it sounds - if they are correct, they will find it in black, if they are wrong they will find it in red, with the correct spelling in black alongside. Designed for use from Key Stages 1 to 3, the School Spelling Dictionary is ideal for improving spelling and writing.

The Barrington Stoke school dictionary allows children with specific spelling difficulties to use a dictionary just like anybody else The children I have introduced this dictionary to like it very much, and find it easy to use. Teacher

It s brilliant! And for all those who struggle to spell it really is a fantastic help! This dictionary is so easy to navigate and a big help for reluctant spellers of all ages. Family Magazine

This book is brilliant for my son who has dyslexia. He can look up words the way he thinks they are spelt, and the correct spelling clearly appears next to them. Helps also to boost his confidence. Parent, Amazon Review