Read Understand & Write Fables 1 Ages 7 - 8

Read Understand & Write Fables 1 Ages 7 - 8


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

The activities in this four-book blackline master series, Read, Understand and Write, provide a valuable resource for teachers in reading, comprehension and writing. The Repeated Reading strategy used in this series can be a supplementary teaching approach as an intervention for reluctant readers to ensure success and improve self-esteem.

A clear explanation for administering this strategy is provided in the Teachers Notes.


  • classroom application for the learning areas of reading, comprehension and writing, based on the ever-popular genres of myths and fables
  • the structured approach allows it to be used readily by teachers as a whole-class
  • self-directed group, or individual student resource
  • incorporates textual and contextual levels, as well as inferential thinking
  • other blackline master activities include sequencing, character study, story maps, retells, and text analysis