Ph Paper Pack of 200

Ph Paper Pack of 200


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Handy strips of pH paper with accompanying pH chart. Measures acidity and alkalinity of substances. Ideal for exploration in science in the classroom and lab learning environments. pH paper provides a distinct colour for each pH unit ranging from 1 to 14, helping students clearly identify the acidity and alkalinity of a wide range of substances and chemical solutions. Explore acids and alkalis with students as part of a STEM and STEAM based learning curriculum. Students can experiment with weak acids and strong acids, weak alkalis and strong alkalis as well as neutral liquids, or solutions. Students might like to use pH paper to move into more advanced experimentation including chemical reactions, mixing substances together in a safe and controlled learning environment. Students might also like to explore the sciences further by experimenting with which plants grow in which conditions, learning that various types of fruits, vegetables and flowers require differing soil pH.

The possibility for scientific discovery is endless. From a young age all the way through the primary years onto high school, pH paper can bring a world of fun and intrigue to budding scientists. MTA has a range of classroom resources to ensure you have all you need.