Pearson Physics Queensland 12 Student Book with Reader+

Pearson Physics Queensland 12 Student Book with Reader+


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020

Approximate publication date:  1st August 2019 

The best-practice literacy and instructional design supports all learners. A simple to navigate, predictable design enables ease of use. The high quality, relevant photos and illustrations assist the student understanding. Each Student Book comes with Reader+, the digital version of the student book, allowing easier access in and out of the classroom. Reader+

  • Our next generation eBook
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  • Features interactives and visual media that help consolidate understanding of concepts and ideas

1 Physics Skills and Assessment toolkit

Part A Working scientifically* (This chapter is digital-only in Reader+)

Part B Student experiment

Part C Research investigation

Part D Examination

Unit 3 Gravity and electromagnetism

TOPIC 1: Gravity and motion

2 Vectors and projectile motion

3 Inclined planes

4 Motion in a circle

5 Gravity

6 Orbits

7 Electric fields

8 Magnetic fields

TOPIC 2: Electromagnetism

9 Electromagnetic induction

Unit 3 Review

Unit 4 Revolutions in modern physics

TOPIC 1: Special relativity

10 Special relativity

TOPIC 2: Quantum theory

11 Quantum physics

12 The atom

TOPIC 3: The Standard Model

13 The Standard Model

Unit 4 Review