Pearson Mathematics 7 Teacher Companions 2nd Edition

Pearson Mathematics 7 Teacher Companions 2nd Edition


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The Pearson Mathematics Second Edition Teacher Companion make lesson preparation and implementation easy by combining full Student Book pages with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics as well as the Victorian Curriculum.

For each level there are 2 separate bound teacher companion books.  Part 1 covers the chapters 1-5 in the Student Book and Part 2 covers chapters 6-10.


Using Pearson Mathematics Teacher Companion

Pearson Mathematics 7 Curriculum Correlation

  • Chapter 1 Whole numbers
  • Chapter 2 Integers
  • Chapter 3 Fractions
  • Chapter 4 Decimals, percentage and ratio
  • Chapter 5 Algebra
  • Chapter 6 Measurement
  • Chapter 7 Linear equations
  • Chapter 8 Angles and shapes
  • Chapter 9 Statistics and probability
  • Chapter 10 Transformation and visualisation

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved contextual teaching suggestions.
  • Binder and booklets format of the first edition replaced with a more manageable, durable and reliable 2-book format.
  • Each Teacher Companion now comprises 2 easy-to-use printed books for each year level.
  • Full answers and worked solutions for every feature in the Student Book.
  • Includes revised and new teaching strategies and class activities with BLMs.
  • Quick quizzes for the start of each lesson.