Pearson Mathematical Methods Queensland 12 Student Book with Reader+

Pearson Mathematical Methods Queensland 12 Student Book with Reader+


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020

Approximate publication date:  Early August 2019

This product includes a copy of Pearson Mathematical Methods Queensland 12 Student Book with access to Reader+.

  • It is created for the new senior maths QCAA syllabus to save you time and help you teach with confidence.
  • Every question and worked example is graded according to QCE levels of difficulty, simple familiar, complex familiar, and complex unfamiliar
  • Sample exams, question banks, technology activities, and fully worked solutions
  • Digital activities to engage and support conceptual understanding
  • Instructions for smart use of technology
  • A focus on common errors for increased awareness
  • Curriculum grids and aligned teaching programs in the teacher resource.

Reader+ gives you access to the eBook version of your Student Book as well as bonus multimedia assets. It’s built to work online and offline, making content easily available anytime, anywhere, in every school. It works on PC and Mac, Android and iOS.

Learners can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Reader+ integrates multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities that enhance and extend the reading experience.


1 Derivatives of exponential functions

1.1 Euler’s number and index laws

1.2 Graphing exponential functions

1.3 Differentiating exponential functions

1.4 Applications of exponential functions

1.5 Further differentiation

Chapter summary

Chapter review

2 Trigonometric functions and derivatives


2.1 Radians and the unit circle

2.2 Solving trigonometric equations

2.3 Graphs of trigonometric functions

2.4 Derivatives of trigonometric functions

2.5 Applications of trigonometric functions

Chapter summary

Chapter review

3 Logarithmic functions and their derivatives


3.1 Logarithmic functions and their properties

3.2 Logarithmic equations

3.3 Logarithmic bases and exponential equations

3.4 Graphs of logarithmic functions

3.5 Logarithmic scales

3.6 The derivative of the natural logarithm

3.7 Applications of logarithms

Chapter summary

Chapter review

Mixed Review

Chapters 1 – 3

4 Anti-differentiation


4.1 Introduction to anti-differentiation

4.2 Anti-differentiation of power functions

4.3 Anti-differentiation of binomial power functions

4.4 Anti-differentiation of exponential functions

4.5 Anti-differentiation of sine and cosine functions

4.6 Anti-derivatives of reciprocal functions

4.7 Further anti-differentiation

Chapter summary

Chapter review

5 Definite integrals


5.1 Estimating area beneath curves

5.2 Finding definite integrals

5.3 Calculating area beneath curves

5.4 Finding area between curves

5.5 Kinematics applications of integration

Chapter summary

Chapter review

Unit 3 Exam Review

Chapters 1 – 5


6 Further applications of differentiation


6.1 The derivative and curve sketching

6.2 Motion and derivatives

6.3 The second derivative and curve sketching

6.4 Maximum and minimum problems

Chapter summary

Chapter review

7 Sine and Cosine rules


7.1 Trigonometry review

7.2 The sine rule and the cosine rule

7.3 Areas of triangles

7.4 Bearings

Chapter summary

Chapter review

8 Binomial distributions


8.1 Discrete probability distributions review

8.2 Bernoulli trials and binomial distributions

8.3 Statistics of binomial probability distributions

Chapter summary

Chapter review

Mixed Review

Chapters 1 – 8

9 Continuous random variables and the normal distribution


9.1 Continuous random variables

9.2 The normal distribution

9.3 Standard normal distributions

9.4 Inverse of standard normal

Chapter summary

Chapter review

10 Interval estimates for proportions


10.1 Random sampling

10.2 The central limit theorem

10.3 Proportions

10.4 Estimating with confidence

Chapter summary

Chapter review

Unit 4 Exam Review

Chapters 6 – 10

Unit 3 & 4 Exam Review

Chapters 1 – 10