Pearson General Mathematics Queensland 12 Exam Preparation Workbook, Student Book with Reader+

Pearson General Mathematics Queensland 12 Exam Preparation Workbook, Student Book with Reader+


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This product includes a copy of Pearson General Mathematics Queensland 12 Student Book with access to Reader+:

  • Created for the new senior maths QCAA syllabus to save you time and help you teach with confidence.
  • Every question and worked example is graded according to QCE levels of difficulty, simple familiar, complex familiar, and complex unfamiliar.
  • Sample exams, question banks, technology activities, and fully worked solutions.
  • Digital activities to engage and support conceptual understanding.
  • Instructions for smart use of technology.
  • A focus on common errors for increased awareness.
  • Curriculum grids and aligned teaching programs in the teacher resource.

Reader+ gives you access to the eBook version of your Student Book as well as bonus multimedia assets. It’s built to work online and offline, making content easily available anytime, anywhere, in every school. It works on PC and Mac, Android and iOS. Learners can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Reader+ integrates multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities that enhance and extend the reading experience.

The Exam Preparation Workbook (Year 12 only), prepares students for external exams by taking them through actual past Victorian external exam questions. They have been constructed to guide students through a sequence of preparatory steps and build confidence leading up to the external exams. Fully worked solutions, notes on common errors to be aware of and commentary from the Victorian examiner’s report are included for each question.

Table of Contents:

  • 1 Bivariate data analysis
  • 2 Time series analysis
  • 3 Growth and decay in sequences
  • 4 Earth geometry and time zones
  • Unit 3 Exam Review
  • 5 Compound interest loans and investments
  • 6 Reducing balance loans, annuities and perpetuities
  • 7 Graphs and networks
  • 8 Networks and decision mathematics
  • Unit 4 Exam Review