Pearson Chemistry Queensland 11 Student Book with Reader+

Pearson Chemistry Queensland 11 Student Book with Reader+


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


The best-practice literacy and instructional design supports all learners. A simple to navigate, predictable design enables ease of use. The high quality, relevant photos and illustrations assist the student understanding. Each Student Book comes with Reader+, the digital version of the student book, allowing easier access in and out of the classroom. Reader+

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1 Chemistry Skills and Assessment toolkit

Part A Working scientifically* (This chapter is digital-only in Reader+)

Part B Student experiment

Part C Research investigation

Unit 1 Chemical fundamentals—structure, properties and reactions

2 Elements, compounds and mixtures

3 The atomic world

4 Periodic table and properties of elements

5 How do we analyse atoms?

6 Metals

7 Ionic compounds

8 Covalent compounds

9 The mole

10 Energy changes in chemical reactions

11 Fuels

Unit 1 Review

Unit 2 Molecular interactions and reactions

12 Intermolecular forces

13 Chromatography

14 Gases

15 Water and aqueous solutions

16 An introduction to acids and bases

17 Rates of chemical reactions

Unit 2 Review