Patterns in Mathematics - Ages Upper 11+

Patterns in Mathematics - Ages Upper 11+


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

We are surrounded by patterns. Patterns come in various shapes and forms such as the patterns found in music, simple patterns on clothing and the complicated number patterns found in mathematics. The number system we use is based on patterns. In fact, mathematics has been described as the ‘science’ of patterns. The blackline masters in Patterns in Mathematics enable students to participate in pattern work involving shapes and number using a variety of materials.


  • innovative blackline masters that allow students to observe, describe, create and extend patterns
  • designed to promote an understanding of mathematical patterns at the three levels with:
  • – ages 5-7 – focuses on the patterns in shapes and numbers using a variety of materials;
  • – ages 8-10 – ocuses on the patterns in number relationships, predominantly tables; and
  • – ages 11+ – building on and extending the patterns in number relationships.
  • activities can be completed individually, in pairs or in small groups to encourage collaborative learning skills
  • linked to outcome statements
  • portfolio proforma provided
  • detailed answers for the teacher