Nelson QMaths for the Australian Curriculum student book Year 8

Nelson QMaths for the Australian Curriculum student book Year 8


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Nelson QMaths for the Australian Curriculum 7–10 is a new series that has been developed to support teachers implementing the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Years 7–10 students in Queensland. Each student book gives access to NelsonNet and an interactive online eBook. There is comprehensive coverage of the content and proficiency strands as well as the elaborations.


  • Explicit focus on the development of the four Australian Curriculum proficiencies – Understanding, Fluency, Problem solving and Reasoning
  • Support for the general capabilities
  • Visually appealing, full-colour publication that reflects instructional design principles, and clearly distinguishes exercises from theory and worked examples
  • Numerous linked technology-related resources – spreadsheets, GeoGebra activities, calculator examples and exercises
  • Hands-on, practical real-world maths investigations
  • Clear thinking steps provided for worked examples
  • Numerous ‘drill and practice’ exercises
  • Graduated exercise sets referenced to colour-coded worked examples cater for mixed ability classrooms.

NelsonNet Online Resources

  • Curriculum support for teachers
  • NelsonNetBook
  • Extensive student resources to supplement each chapter, including worksheets, video tutorials, animated examples, quizzes, as well as skill, puzzle and homework sheets
  • Question bank and test generator.

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your education consultant for access codes and conditions.