Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Essential Student Book

Nelson QMaths 11 Mathematics Essential Student Book


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


The Mathematics Essential course replaces the Prevocational Mathematics course, catering to students heading towards the workforce or further training after school. The book features short chapters written in plain English with an emphasis on numeracy and literacy. Themes include sport, health, travel, house plans, building and measurement.


  • Each chapter begins with a Chapter Problem, chapter table of contents, chapter outcomes and a How are we going to use this? list of applications. Graded exercises are linked to worked examples and include problemsolving and realistic applications.
  • Investigations sections explore the syllabus in detail through group work, discovery and modelling activities. Keyword Activities focus on the mathematical language and terminology taught.
  • Solution to the Chapter Problem revisits the problem introduced at the start of the chapter and presents a detailed solution. Chapter Summaries with a mind map exercise and Chapter Review exercises also included.
  • Mixed Revision exercises cover a series of chapters, and the Glossary presents a useful reference for all course terminology.


  1. What’s the score?
  2. Giving 110%
  3. Solving problems
  4. Show me the money
  5. Measuring length and area
  6. Applying percentages
  7. Healthy figures
  8. Colourful ratios
  9. Turn up the volume
  10. Show me the graph
  11. Using formulas
  12. Show me the data
  13. It’s about time
  14. It’s better than average
  15. Going places
  16. Comparing data


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