Nelson Essential English for QCE Units 1-4 with 4 Access Codes

Nelson Essential English for QCE Units 1-4 with 4 Access Codes


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


Nelson Essential English for QCE Units 1–4 is written by the highly regarded English Communication author Sonja Goss and is a completely new text for the Essential English syllabus.

The text features Sonja's familiar student-centred approach and a breadth of accessible literary and non-literary texts that are appealing and relevant to the student cohort. By providing a context of learning throughout Units 1–4 students are able to build 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking, personal and social skills and ICT skills. The new high-definition is covered in full and is complete with online resources, including weblinks, worksheets and a detailed teaching plan.


Unit 1: Language the works

1 Taking care of business

2 Working it

Unit 2: Texts and human experiences

3 Mick Fanning, Connie Johnson and me

4 Oceans apart

Unit 3: Language that influences

5 Stand up

6 You can't handle the truth

Unit 4: Representations and popular culture texts

7 Texts for the millennial

8 Pop culture from a sunburnt land