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Magnetic Reward Chart


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Reward Charts are a fun and interactive way to set behavioural goals for your child.

They can be used to encourage positive social behaviour or to refine practical skills, such as washing hands.

By allowing your child to set their own developmental goals, they will feel empowered, motivated and excited by the process, whilst enjoying the sense of achievement when the goals are reached.

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Pack includes one large magnetic chart which has space for up to four behavioural goals to work on at any time. A sheet of 22 behaviour magnets allows you to personalise your child’s chart and the two sheets of fun and colourful star stickers provide rewards for them to earn daily. Finally, an erasable, magnetic marker pen is included to allow you to write on the reward charts. You can also purchase the behaviour magnets, stars & chart separately.

  • The Reward Chart enables parents and children to monitor the progress of behavioural development on a daily basis. Place your Monkey & Chops Reward chart in a central location, such as the fridge, to not only provide a constant reminder of the behavioral skills to be developed, but to ensure that rewards (ie. star stickers) can be immediately attached to reinforce the positive behavior.
  • Begin building the reward charts with your child by discussing with them the types of things they need to work on. Wherever possible, encourage your child to lead the process by identifying the areas they think they need to improve eg. Feeding myself, sleeping in my own bed etc. This will help them to take ownership of their chart and the ongoing rewards process.
  • Place the relevant behavioural magnet in the shaded tag at the beginning of each row to provide a visual reminder of each goal. In addition, you may use the magnetic, erasable pen to add text below the image, if further information is required. Each time your child successfully performs the specified behaviour, they earn a star sticker which can be placed side by side along each row.
  • By encouraging your child to stick the star on their reward charts themselves, they’ll have the opportunity to feel a sense of achievement every day.
  • Once they reach the end of each row a “small reward” may be offered as an incentive to complete their self-allocated goal. The incentive of a “large reward” may be offered for completing the entire chart.

The excitement associated with achieving stars each day through reward charts can become a good incentive for promoting learning. However, whilst your child is progressing through their chart, you might encourage them to think about the emotions associated with the successful behaviours they are developing. This allows them to feel good about themselves and what they’re achieving, rather than simply feeling good about the external reward.

Ownership And Success

By allowing your child to set their own behavior goals, they’ll take greater ownership of thereward chart process and feel empowered by their daily achievements. Once the system is established, allow them to tell you when they’ve fulfilled a behavioural goal and when they’ve earned a star so that the process, as with the behavioural skill that they are aiming to refine, becomes self-regulating. Achievement of behavioural goals will come through allowing your child to own the behaviour, own the rewards and triumph in their own development along the way.

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