Kluwell My Home Reading Yellow Level

Kluwell My Home Reading Yellow Level


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Enhancements for the NEW 8th Edition 2016+ include: 72 A5 page, new title Kluwell My Home Reading™, full page per week for recording students' progress, unique stickers & award certificates for each level and all new graphics.

Passion for reading starts at home!

With this journal, parents/caregivers and young readers can participate in reading together and record their achievement by filling out a daily account. Your child can draw in the blank faces to express how they feel about their reading, which opens up a dialogue about their learning experience; and there is a space for parents/caregivers to comment.

There are achievement awards and stickers to help motivate your child to develop good reading habits plus tips for parents/caregivers on correcting mistakes and encouraging their readers to tackle a wide range of material.

These journals are a great resource for teachers to monitor reading participation at home.

Benefits of using the Kluwell My Home Reading Journal:

  • Fantastic value that lasts the school year
  • Excellent reward system that encourages children to read.
  • Develops positive reading attitudes with students and parents/caregivers.
  • A great way for parents/caregivers to be involved in their child’s learning.
  • Gives parents/caregivers reading strategies to support their child.
  • Encourages positive communication between parent/caregivers, child and teacher.
  • Attractively presented – children take pride in using this book.