Kano - Motion Sensor Kit

Kano - Motion Sensor Kit


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Build an infrared sensor that detects distance and direction. With playful step-by-step challenges, learn to code by making music and games, controlled with a wave of your hand, or foot, or nose. Perfect for beginners, expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.

  • Build and code an infrared sensor that reacts to your movements. Everything you need in one box. Everything you need in one box. Sensor, cable, sucker-pad, stickers, and free Kano app
  • 35+ step-by-step creative challenges show you how to code. Use simple code blocks, view JavaScript.
  • Make your own music, art, and games, controlled by waving hands, feet, nose and more. It's simple and beautiful.
  • Endless play with Kano World - our free creative community. Make, share, and play with people in 86 countries.
  • Plug and play. For ages 6+ Works with Mac, PC, Linux and any Kano Computer Kit. . Includes Lifetime Care and 1 year warranty.

Kit Includes:

  • USB Cable - Connect your sensor to your computer
  • Motion Sensor - Wave your hand and make things move
  • Suction Cup - Stick your sensor to any surface and keep it in place
  • Storybook - Follow the simple steps, learn how sensors work
  • Stickers - Make it your own!

Over 30 Challenges, Learn to code with guided step-by-step challenges, get the confidence you need to build your own games, music and more.