iiTomo Senior Book with Reader+

iiTomo Senior Book with Reader+


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QCAA New QCE Senior Secondary Syllabus Textbooks 2019-2020


iiTomo Senior for Years 11-12 was written from the ground up based on user feedback and is aligned with the QLD Senior curriculum 2019, the Victorian Study Design 2019, the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus and all other states’ senior curricula. Building on the features and language of the iiTomo years 7-10 series, while recognising the specific needs of senior Japanese years, iiTomo Senior equips students for their exams with an all-in-one print and digital resource. Students continue to use their intercultural, investigative and critical thinking skills with iiTomo Senior. iiTomo Senior Reader+ eBook allows students and teachers to interact with Student Book content and more, both online and offline. It offers access to all audio tracks, worksheets, and additional teacher support material.

Features of the iiTomo Senior Up-to-date, relevant and meaningful topics, subtopics, language, texts and visuals Based on the latest research in senior classrooms on how students best learn Japanese in Years 11-12 Each print book comes with Reader+ eBook Each chapter offers: Authentic, colourful visuals Lots of reading, listening, writing and speaking practice Grammar and kanji support and practice A variety of text types Exam-style questions Annotated sample writing Exam tips and support Intercultural, inquiry and reflection prompts Self-assessment opportunity at the end to help identify gaps and revisit content References pages including verb tables and glossary Written by an experienced teaching author team from across Australia Reviewed by a variety of Japanese language educational experts and educators from across Australia Features of iiTomo Senior Reader+

Interact with the eBook including audio tracks both online and offline Contains all print book content and all audio files Access to editable worksheets which include additional listening, reading, kanji and grammar practice Access to editable chapter vocabulary lists Teachers get access to additional teacher-specific support material.