Fun & Creative Classroom Ages 4 - 5

Fun & Creative Classroom Ages 4 - 5


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RIC Blackline Masters & Boxes

Welcome to teacher-friendly, fun and easy learning for four and five-year-olds. This blackline master is a learning adventure to use in your classroom where everyday activities and materials become the keys to the student’s future success in all learning areas.

Building on the knowledge that young children come to school with, the activities in the following pages provide logical, ‘hands on’, and meaningful experiences for the children.


  • ideas for a letter table for each initial sounds
  • creative ideas to be used in the home corner
  • suggestions for books, songs and rhymes to enhance learning
  • blackline master activities which can be used across all learning areas
  • student worksheets to develop handwriting skills
  • activity sheets to support the activities where necessary
  • revision sheets to monitor the understanding and development of the students