Five Hundred Miles

Five Hundred Miles


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Dyslexic and Reluctant Readers


Barrington Stokes

Two boys wheel-and-deal their way through life in the murky backstreets of East London. But how will the boys cope when confronted with a girl gunslinger and a monkey in a cage? Tense and artmospheric drama with the threat of violence never far away.

For brothers Cole and Ruben it's another rainy morning in the badlands of East London, selling dodgy paperwork for even dodgier motors. But arriving in a grimy pub on their latest errand, the brothers stumble across a trio of gangsters, a hot young girl and a monkey in a cage - and their entire day is knocked off course. They soon find themselves fleeing in a hot-wired car, girl and chattering monkey in tow, surrounded by police. Their final destination: Oban, five hundred miles north, where they hope to find sanctuary.